Letters – Issue 10

Dear M&S,
Yours succinctly,
Mark Andy Spencer
Eds: Well, that’s brief and a merciful space saver.

Dear dear,
Issue eight was a disgrace. You obviously cannot run a urinating contest in a publication. I, for ten percent, will not be reading this shoddy article again. Unless you count issue nine; I want to see whether you’ve been man enough to include my criticism, no, really, that’s the only reason.
Yours prevaricatingly, Joe Hamlet
Eds; Boy, Joe, you were certainly smoking on that one. If it’s any consolation, we don’t read them either. We get a proof reader who reads a sentence a day to avoid continuity.

Dear animal lovers,
Your mag is ideal for lining hamster cages; absorbent, hard-wearing and small.
Eds: We knew we were being
a bit cagey.

Dear Serfs,
I can’t help noticing that you leave too little space for lette

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