Evolutions – Issue 10

( answers concealed within issue)
1) Before the days of modern sewers and indoor plumbing, people living in cities would pitch their waste out of the window and onto the street below. In France, it was considered common courtesy to forewarn passers-by of impending downfall by yelling: Gardez l’eau (Beware of the water!) With the advent of flush toilets, this practice became obsolete, but a British word for this new invention is the tangled remnants of the French warning.

2) As can happen whilst attending a church sermon, Sonora Smart began thinking about something else: creating a commemorative day. Her proposal was first made in 1910, in Spokane Washington, where it was quickly received by ministries and soon became a tradition observed by church-goers. It wasn’t until 1972 that President Nixon gave this day official recognition.

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