Scenes From The 21st Century – % Marks – Issue 9

One ACT, repeated ad nauseum. Or until the theatre is closed down.

Prole, head down, fingers going ten-to-the-dozen.
He is approached by another, this one has a piece of paper in the hand.The paper is slipped onto the desk, attracting the prole’s attention.
“What’s my value today, then?”
“Nothing to worry about. It’s still wholly irrational but we won’t concern ourselves until it becomes rational. Then you know what happens.”
“Oh, yes, I know, I’ve read it online. Ironic calling it help and support though.”
“Well, it’s just that I wouldn’t like to think I was wearing a truss based on such a non-reality. I think my hernia would only worsen.”
“What hernia?”
“The one I’m going to have raising my spirits.”
“You know what you have to do to avoid injury; you need to keep your back straight and bend only your legs. Like you do when you genuflect.”
“Thanks for the Health & Safety advice. I didn’t know you cared.”

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