Editorial – Issue 9

Welcome, dear reader, to what has become known as Issue 9 of your diverting, infrequently produced, but regularly provided miscellany of seemingly unimportant (look deeper) missives, articles, essays and features that is The Inconsequential.

The more observant among you may have noticed a much shorter interval between editions and, as a result, may fear that your editors have succumbed to the ethos of Productivity that appears to be all-pervading at the moment. Fear not, brethren. Be assured that we have not taken the King’s shilling or the manager’s threepenny bits, we’re merely rising to meet the challenge we set ourselves when we started this modest venture. Namely, to bring you the best in thought-provoking, tension-releasing, interest-piquing prose as often as necessary to counteract the stifling of the human spirit that we witness every day and of which we should be all too aware.

Our intentions were, and still are, to publish a lot more regularly than we’ve managed so far. We, as writers and editors, find that our spirits are uplifted and souls somewhat replenished after producing these pages and we hope and trust that this is conveyed to you when you read them. Look upon us, if you will, as a Travelodge along the cheerless highway that is our everyday existence. We’re ready with a warm meal*, a comfortable bed and a hearty breakfast, plumping up the pillows of your psyche and straightening your chi to send you back out there to face whatever the banking system can throw at you.

So, without further procrastination, I’ll point you in the direction of two favourites of mine before retiring gracefully to let you sign the register. Now, time does heal all, then perversely, it goes and kills everything. For most of us that would be that, but for The Chairman, his suffering continues interminably. Catch the next instalment of The Chairman in Hell stories as it exudes its sulphurous stench and turns up the heat on its deserving victim. Those Ethics Girls reappear and this time we find them taking a trip to the local and meeting a couple of strangely familiar likely lads. A modern classic, indeed! All your regular favourites are here too, of course, so take your bags to your room, grab a shower, put the towels in your holdall and enjoy!!
* Meals are available in selected hotels. Rooms from £19.00 per night between 27/08/09 and 30/11/09. It’s true!

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