Editorial – Issue 7

So here we are again. The world has swivelled atop that stubby cosmic finger a few more times and we’ve arrived at that greatest of days, the day that sees the release of the latest grand edition of The Inconsequential. Yes, the septupley-challenged issue has hit the shelves, or more accurately, the coffee tables and all manner of original delights await you.
Once again, though, I feel I should begin with an apology for our absence, or at the very least, an explanation. We did say in our previous effusion that Issue 7 would be with you in October. That was meant to be a joke, but as you can see, it wasn’t!

I’ve no wish to bore you with your Editors’ problems, but I’m going to anyway. For my part, I was laid low by a particular nasty bout of pneumonia (I had hoped the doctor would say it was ‘flu because I can spell that), which kept me out of the action and on a nice warm sofa in front of the TV for four weeks. Add to that a period of convalescence, undertaken while at work, naturally, and a few mind-numbing shifts at the counting-house and you can see how the creative juices can begin to dry up.My fellow editor, The Easter Bunny, from the Saxon goddess Eostre, for his part, has been in the throes of moving home, a period of upheaval that can unsettle the steadiest of minds.

However, the boxes are now unpacked, the kettle is on, the Arran jumpers are donned and we’re both able to gaze thoughtfully into the bright, icy freshness of a snow-frosted winter’s afternoon, logs crackling on the fire, and produce those little gems that you, our loyal reader, now expect. And what wondrous jewels they are! Your favourites are here, of course – Those Ethics Girls give crime and punishment a caning, a few fragrant nosegays crop up in Poo Corner, The Vitreous Enamel once again becomes the setting for some porcelain-shattering thunderbolt, and our Fifth Column slaps another sacred cow on the backside. So, with that lot, Sharkey, part three of our own Martian Chronicle and so much more to keep you occupied, you’ll never notice that by the time the next issue comes out, it’ll be Easter!
So, come on, don’t worry about PDPs or disciplinary procedures, just delve into our slightly askew world and reset the balance in your favour. ‘Til the next time…

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