News Real – Dick & Dora – Issue 5

DICK and DORA revisited.
“I must get a job.” Dick thought out loud.
“That’s why we get on so well.” Dora retorted, “We have the same thoughts sometimes.” Dora added, picking up the ‘phone and the local gazette.
“I could go for this one.” Dora exclaimed.
“What, I thought I meant I should get a job.” Dick squeaked, blanched.
“Yes, you must, but so must I. You didn’t expect me to stay at home and live off you, did you?”
Dick ahemed thoroughly discomfited.
Dora ‘phoned for an appointment and Dick swallowed his reservations and looked in the same gazette.
Dick coughed out finally, “I’ve some bad news, Dora. I’ve lost my job.”
“That’s not all you’ve lost, love. I’m moving out.”
Interrupted by the dull thud of Dick’s jaw and spirit hitting the floor at the same time; thus affirming the theory of two unevenly weighted objects in a vacuum falling at the same rate, Dora continued, “I’ve fallen in love with Jane. You know her; she’s the one you tried it on with last week at Andy Pandy’s party.”
Dora’s epilogue was once more interrupted by an even duller thud of Dick’s resolve collapsing as his head pounded the primary-coloured carpet.
When he came to, Dick surprised himself by feeling less than devastated. His collapsed state was probably due to his partying and not eating for the last two days. He went on to remember how once he’d divorced his parents, citing their gender-cliched oppression of his own individuality and suppressing his desires to be different.
And besides, he had bigger problems, like how to get money for the next six months. Quickly, Dick felt resourcefully smug. “I’ll sublet the Wendy House to Looby Loo and Little Ted. That’ll bring in some cash.”
He thought, as one Dora closes another one’s ajar. This is a life-change opportunity. He mused to an empty house.

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