Poo Corner (Issue 4)

The Dark Her and Wow
How, now
I long to tousle the blackness
Run my innermost thoughts
Through the glorious darkness
I can, here nuzzle
The warmth without arousing fear
Immerse myself in the puzzle
Hear her here
Now : How: Wow
A Cameo Appearance
I saw your pin unclasped
Eighteen cheers ago;
I know not why
I now see you in relief
And only the tower is ivory
Yet your magnificent telescope
Finds me still and keeps me
From oblivious etude.
Wear yourself with pride
You rational sin
I have yet your wand marks
Under my skin
And am child-like in glee
To remember the worlds
You showed me
Like a cosmic guide;
Earth you ran through your heart
I cherish as samples
For imagination’s sake.
Youthless Exuberance
Glassy-eyed morning sings
Of shattered somnambulists;
Light reflection
Murdered once more
By a bullet honed,
Primed by ignorance.
Helter-skelter revolutions
Without beauty, without rebellion
Mesmerised by cracking repetition;
Glittering worthlessness
(I think therefore I’m bored)
A desperately one-sided dialectic
By the cement of brave membership,
Entertainment for the troops,
A rock for the lichen
The rope that binds
Standing to petrified attention
Coaxed into being them
By glib urban muzik
Talking the talk with forked
Tongues piercing cheeks,
Feeding from the silver
E-spoon of opportunism.
(leaves of sass by I won’t take noshitman)
Yet they are midden of the roadgang,
Linked by a steely, knife-
Edged apathy
Too ready to pressgang
Audience participation,
Taking the Queen’s chilling
Double-headed coign
Of disadvantage.
A Public Announcement
We Are Sorry To Announce…
The world is not perfect
By approximately ten minutes;
Please listen for further pronouncements.
Yet still a consumptive groan
Rumbles along the empty track.
Meanwhile a sun sets gloriously
Stating its satisfaction at the moon.
We share a hue but not a cry.
We are sorry for any inconvenience
Caused by perfection’s delay.
Waves race ahead of me like a powerful child
Reaching the sure shore, breaking immediately
Forgetting the magnificence of anticipation
The tide heaves in
Its splendid spume swallowed
Under the weight of residual memory
Like two lovers embracing
With a taste of secrets on their lips
The red flag chatters away
Advising compliance
With altruistic menace
for those who would swim

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