An Interview With : Judas Iscariot (Issue 4)

Eds: “Hello, Mr Iscariot”
Judas: “Just call me J.”
Eds: “How was it for you”
Judas: “It was hard to let the guy down, he was such a lovely geezer, but, I needed the carpentry work. I loved the guy but he was never there when I needed him, take that time he disappeared without a by your leave for forty days into the wilderness.”
Eds: “How do you feel about your name being a term of abuse?”
Judas: “It’s unfair. Besides what I did wasn’t betrayal, I was just economical with the faith. I couldn’t be held responsible for my actions as I never had free will. God created us all in his image so it was his fault really. Don’t think I don’t regret it; the guilt nearly killed me.”
Eds: “Nearly.”
Judas: “Yes, well I couldn’t very well do it myself that would be a sin in the eyes of God. So I was in a bind. A catch-22 I believe it later became coined as.”
Eds: “What did you do?”
Judas: “I went to the surplice store and bought a new wardrobe. Really cut me up it did. Didn’t get a good night’s sleep for the next ten years.”
Eds: “So why did you give it up?”
Judas: “Got tired of it. I went to a soothsayer and she told me everything would be alright in the future. His name would be honoured, mine be trashed. It was the only logical sacrifice I could make that would smooth things over.”

At that Mr. Iscariot got up and left. I resisted his attempt to kiss me; well, I’m still nervous about things like that.

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