Sharkey – The Great White: Where Now? (Issue 2)

Sharkey had been blessed with consciousness for a few weeks and was beginning to come to terms with sensibilities. “Why do I keep moving, onward ever onward; why do I never rest; Now I’m able to contemplate, why can’t I stay still for a while?”

Sharkey then wilfully slowed to a standstill but was taken by surprise as he plummetted while taking in water at a rate of knots through his gills. Through another act of will -or was it an instinctive self-preservation impulse? – Sharkey dragged himself up and broke the surface.

Gasping for air, he determined himself to work this part of his nature through. “I must evolve so that I do not need to be constantly on the move; perhaps I could learn to close my gills.” So, having been through the consequences of his first significant act of will, Sharkey moved forward, philosophically speaking, and his face took on all the appearance of a smile.  He even left the plankton unmolested.

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