Letters (Issue 2)

Dear Sirs
Your article on libraries was most entertaining and particularly insightful. It brought back childhood memories of my local library in the village of Loose Chippings.
It would open one morning and two afternoons a week whether anyone wanted it to or not and was content to do so. It was also one of the first libraries in the country to provide a 24 hour emergency helpline for Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers [see page 10] thanks largely to a mix-up in the Yellow Pages.
Sadly, it couldn’t last and the building was converted to a McDonalds in the late 80’s, but the memories remain…
Lady Penelope Black

Dear Sirs
Delighted as I was that you chose to print my letter in your first issue, my joy was somewhat tempered by the omission of my name and address. I trust you will rectify the matter in your second effusion and fight the march of censorship.
Name & address withheld

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