Editorial (Issue 2)

So, Issue two; the second polite “ahem” cast into the vastness we loosely call a universe. Unlike TV it is hard to repeat the unsung triumph of issue one. Whatever happened to issue one: this is not a rhetorical question, what really did happen to at least four copies of the first of the bag-breaking mag?

Just a word to the X-File agent that ‘disappeared’ the four copies: If you like it that much just put in a subscription, or better still, in the interests of the proliferation of free speech, read it, laugh however many times you think medically prudent, then replace the copies so others can be unimpressed by them. Let’s hope that whoever took the copies sniggered at least once and took this voice in the spirit it is intended.

In the paraphrased words of the great man himself: ‘Go on, We shouldn’t go on. We’ll go on’. In this issue you will find those regulars that we hope will become your favourites, along with the one-off, snack-type tidbits. Mr Clark’s day-of-days develops further and those Ethics Girls are once more engaging their substantial ethical brawn, this time considering the issue of being profligate with our affections.

Olive Lamp’s many splendoured life as hub of the soap wheel of misfortune, where anything and nothing regularly happens, moves on ever so slightly. There’s no puzzle in this issue as Andy Nutt was not available due to his obsessive compilation of the world’s largest Sudoku; last measurement was eight-and-a-half metres square, and that’s before he puts the nines in!

There’s also more from Sharkey, the friendly Great White, as his consciousness deepens and gives rise to willful behaviour. Then there’s the sports section that will keep you informed of the cutting-edge developments in all sorts of areas of recreational professionalism and smatterings of amateur dilettantism. Once again, no primates were injured, mistreated or insulted in the production of this magazine.

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