Those Ethics Girls: You Can Have Someone Else’s Cake, but don’t Swallow It (Issue 1)

Mavis: What a splendid gesture, Lil! I don’t think we’ve had a donation of that size in
quite some time.
Lil: What’s that, Mavis? Oh, the cake! You’re more than welcome. I’m always ready
to support a worthy cause.
Mavis: You know, as head of the local WI committee, I shouldn’t really single anyone
out, but it was a far more generous gesture than some have made!
Lil: When I heard you needed donations, I didn’t hesitate. I worked all day to make it,
but I like to think it was worth it.
Mavis: It certainly was! Beautifully iced, too! You know, you’re exactly the type of
person we’re looking for here at the WI. There’s a vacancy come up on the
subcommittee. They don’t have to do a great deal, but they carry a little weight. It’s the
honour and prestige of being a member more than anything. I don’t suppose you’d be
Lil: Why, Mavis, it is an honour. I’d be delighted!
Shirley: Excuse me, Mavis, but do you think that’s fair? There are many people, no
less worthy, who’ve done sterling work over a longer time that would be thrilled to be
offered that post.
Mavis: But…it’s such a magnificent cake, and look at that icing. Enough for everyone!
Given in the right spirit and just when we needed it to.
Gladys: I’m sorry, Mavis, but I agree with Shirley. We can’t give that seat on the
subcommittee to someone solely because they’ve given us the largest donation.
Mavis: Oh, very well! I suppose you’re right. Sorry, Lil, I’ve been outvoted! We
can’t let you on the subcommittee, but thanks for the cake . It’s much appreciated!
Lil: Fine! Well, I’m sorry, too! And you’ve had the cake, I’m afraid. There’s an
opening down at the golf club. I’m taking it down there instead!
Mavis: Dear me, ladies, that was unfortunate. Still, we’ll just have to make do with
more fairies and sponge fingers!