I meandered longingly as a processor
That floats on stock markets over pies and bills
All at once I came upon a factory of golden artificial lights
And once therein I genuflected with resigned soulless spleen
Before a lifeless myriad of bollocks on a screen

My mind did tarry a mile away
And whilst loitering there did oft say
Is this all there is?
Is this all there is?

But from this death I was awoke
Twas another spectre that boldly spoke
About this and that and philosophy
Tall tales of how grand life could be
If chainless true that hour be free
E’en to think the smallest alternately
for independent thought to spring
Like freshest water’s refreshment bring
And to disregard the merest farthing
As those moptop sages sang:”Money can’t buy you love.”

All this revelatory exercise, a joy of sorts did deliver
And for some moments my soul did shiver
And my heart quake for possibility’s sake
Yet all this shattered in an instant as machines droned on
And translated me there into an automaton.

Deep in the blood slowing in my art and veins
Atwitching that meant I could still feel pains
Convincing me of my humble humanity
And pulsing resiliently against unimaginative insanity.

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