The Man That Looked Up (Part 1)

Mr Adrian Clark is an excellent worker. His manager says so, his colleagues say so, his family say so and his wife says so. Therefore, it must be true. And it is. He is never late and has not taken a single day off work with sickness in the two years that he has been employed at the Bank.

His monthly work reviews serve to reinforce everyone’s opinion of his attitude and aptitude for his job. A man admired by all who know of him. It is said that if you can’t get along with Mr Adrian  Clark, then it is you who has the problem and not he.

Every day he is only too willing to help colleagues who may be having difficulties with their tasks, staying behind long after he should have finished work for the day. Mrs Clark has got used to not expecting him home at the appointed time and is not altogether happy about it, but she understands. She understands that because he is so conscientious, so personable, so reasonable, he feels it his duty to help out where he can, and anyway, if he were not the person he is, she wouldn’t have fallen in love with him, would she?

Does he feel the same way about her? Mrs Clark is sure that he does! Although he doesn’t always show it. He never seems to have time to take Mrs Clark – Helen – to a restaurant or to the cinema or even for a quick drink. He’s just too busy, or too tired. He very rarely buys flowers, unless it’s a really special occasion. However, on Helen’s birthday or at Christmas, he always buys her chocolates. Not her favourites – he’s not too sure what her favourites are – but Helen doesn’t mind.

It’s the thought that counts and somehow it seems more endearing to Helen that Mr Adrian Clark tries, but just fails to get it right.  At work, however, Mr Clark can’t fail. 100% productivity; 0% error rate. Eight hours of the day filled with eight hours worth of work and not one mistake. Yes, Mr Clark is very popular with his manager and his workmates and has had his enthusiasm recognised several times in the form of a ‘Cheers’ award. A £5 shopping voucher, a card praising his contribution and a small, circular badge to wear proudly on his lapel, branding him a genuine Company man. A man who looks forward to each working day and the opportunity to play his part, how ever small, in the advancement of his team, his department and the Company.

This is how it is.  Today, however, would be different.

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