Libraries: Where Are They Now?

When was the last time you visited a library?

Why do I ask I hear you say; at least I hope it’s you I hear, otherwise the voices are back, and I’m worried about whatthey’ll tell me to do next. One doesn’t know for sure if the big G’ll get in touch and, if so-called evidence – media and such tittletattlers- is anything to go by, then I could be persuaded to go on a rampage of destructive behaviour: Perish the thought!

Ah, Yes, libraries, those thin, eye-pencil drawn seams down the fatted calves of our nostalgia; what role are they playing in our development?
Does it matter that they are dwindling or having to become ‘multi-media centres’ in order to suggest they are fit enough to survive at all? Ironically, they generally have good sections on generic Darwinism, which amounts to a daily intake of not so good bacteria? But then, this is a fundamental aspect of freedom; the principle of allowing freedom to those voices that would signal our own downfall.

Does this pub logic suggest that by our inquiring nature, questioning would inevitably lead to our extinction as a specie? Can we, as a thinking organism evolve into survivors when a good deal of thought leads to conclusions that point to our very extinction?

Relax in a paradox bath and consider that we live in an age wherein we are living longer due to advances in science yet we still believe life is too short to think long and hard about. Live now, ask questions later -if you get the time-: This could be a mantra for our age.

The best thing about some Libraries is that they are confident enough in their necessity, to close one day a week and halfday Saturday.

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