Letters (Issue 1)

Dear Sirs,
Having read an advance copy, I was thrilled to see your article about my grandfather. (See p8) You mat be interested to know we still cherish his flat cap
and, on family occasions, use it as a swimming pool for the kids.
Joey Butterfingers

Having seen an advanced copy of the first issue of your most splendid publication, I felt I must write and congratulate you on its professional appearance and superbly
comic articles. I know enough of both editors to know that each of your 694 readers are in for an unmissable treat in the coming months. It truly is what the first /second / third/ fourth(delete as applicable) week of each month was missing!

On a more poignant note. After a lifetime of being told that, wherever men and women gathered to talk about the serious issues of the day, there was no place
for me, I was deeply touched to see your most personal welcome displayed in a position of high prominence just below the masthead.

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