Editorial (Issue 1)

Welcome to the first of, we hope, many issues of a new, thought-provoking
publication. Each month, we aim to provide an antidote to the poisonous, stifling
atmosphere of sterility, rigidity and clinical cynicism that pervades our daily existence.

Our intentions are simple enough. We’re going to look at anything and everything,
inconsequential or weighty, good or bad, and have our say about it! We’ll get things off our chest in the “Rant” column, comment on the issues of the day through those morally attuned “Ethics Girls” and take a swipe at the utter banality
of TV with “Soap Bubbles”. Throw in the monthly serialisation of our short story,
spoof sports pages, pointless puzzle corner, a nostalgia trip, letters, cartoons and the odd quirky two-liner, and you should find something to keep your mind off the job!

In doing all of this, if we manage to raise a highbrow, or even a less lofty, discussion, then at least we’ll have succeeded in shifting the focus to less pressing, but more fulfilling matters. Above all else, however, the keyword is
humour. We want to caress your titters and see the ripples grow. We long to watch you whetting your snickers and see you crack up, but, ultimately, if you can take our point and only smile, then we’ll have achieved our goal.

So, please come with us on our little voyage of recovery. If we all shout into the
void together, at least we’ll hear each other!

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